Restoration of Community Center and new accesses to Historic Downtown


Project description

The rehabilitated building is a rectangular semi-encased volume below the square of plaça de la Fira. It consists of two floors and has a single façade facing south, which opens to the road of the Miracle. It was built in the 60s, after the collapse of the retaining wall of the square.

Previously, the building was occupied by the Senior Center, for the elderly in the area, with access on the ground floor and no elevator. A circular volume, located at the back of the building, incorporated a spiral staircase that connected the square de la Fira with the access level of the building.

The action respects the original volume of the building and adapts the interior and the façade. The circular staircase is removed and a new rectangular volume was attached to the facade of the building incorporating the new created staircase, in addition to the accessible elevator that resolves the problem of the adapted access for disabled people to each floor.


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Data sheet

Project dateSeptember 2010

Completion dateJuly 2011

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJordi Llatjós

Structure calculationJoan Ramon Blasco

Services calculationGarrós Taller d'Enginyeria

PromoterCardona Town Council

Area565,46 m2

Budget1.238.463 €


PhotographyFrancesc Rubí

AwardsSelected 7th European Landscape Biennial 2012 / Selected 7th BACC 2016