Assisted-living apartments for the elderly and entities hotel


Project description

Part of the building is destined for assisted-living apartments by the elderly, and a part of program that works as a hotel of entities for the neighborhood.

It is a rectangular volume of ground floor and three floors located at the northern end of the Democracia Square, practically at the natural level of the land.


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Data sheet

Project dateJuly 2002

Completion dateJune 2004

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJosep Maria Corominas (SUMMA)

Structure calculationJoan Ramon Blasco

Services calculationGarrós Taller d'Enginyeria

PromoterGISA - Departament Benestar Social i Família

Area1.968 m2

Budget1.827.987 €

BuilderConstruccions Cots i Claret, S.L.

PhotographyFrancesc Rubí

AwardsSelected 4th BACC 2006