UOS Services Operational Unit


Project description

The object of the project is the construction of a building to centralize all the maintenance services of the municipality.

The new UOS is organized with two longitudinal, parallel constructions. The intermediate space is a central patio covered with a skylight where there are all the accesses to the workshops.

Perimeter vials are created to give access to all the workshops.

The whole building is built using prefabricated concrete system, both the structure and the facades.

Data sheet

Project dateJanuary 2006

Completion dateJanuary 2009

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Services calculationGarrós Taller d'Enginyeria

PromoterGranollers City Council

Area4.475 m2

Budget2.404.719 €


PhotographyFrancesc Rubí

Awards1st prize in open competition