Restoration of the Sagrada Família de la Bauma church. Phases 2 & 3

Castellbell i el Vilar

Project description

It is a building from the beginning of the 20th century designed by the architect Alexandre Soler i March. The architectural style recalls Romanesque and Gothic architecture, but presents references to the modernist language.

The building has rectangular plan consisting of a central nave and two side naves, with stone walls, pointed arches, ceramic vaults and a wooden gable roof.

The following rehabilitation works are carried out:

  • Replacement of the 5m diameter rose window with a new artificial stone identical to the existing one
  • Refurbishment of the tower, which consists of sanitizing the interior and exterior facings, waterproofing and tiling of the upper platform, construction of a new interior staircase and installation of a new lightning rod
  • Spot replacement of shingles in poor condition on covered deck
  • Repair of interior lime mortar linings of walls and vaults
  • Repair of ornamental facade elements such as eaves and gargoyles
  • Restoration of existing stained glass windows and new construction of non-existent stained glass windows



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Data sheet

Project dateNovember 2021

Architect/sPere Santamaria

PromoterCastellbell i el Vilar Town Council

Area346,75 m2

Budget170.449 €

BuilderRECOP / Vitralls Jordi Bonet