Planning of the sports area

El Masnou

Project description

The proposal is based on the intention to expand the current sports center where the football field is located, adding a new playing field following the official measures required by the state regulations. At the same time, this new extension will bring new uses to the sports area: main access, bar-restaurant building, grandstand and changing rooms building, parking lot.

The main idea is to place the main access to the football field in the prolongation of Chile street that currently faces some municipal facilities and which willturn into pedestrian priority in the near future.

Therefore, a big square is proposed at the end of this street that will house, on the one hand, the access to the sports center and, on the other hand, the access to the bar-restaurant. It must be said that this establishment can work independently of the sports center since it is proposed to place it on horseback between the interior and the outside of the enclosure.

Data sheet

Project dateNovember 2018

Architect/sPere Santamaria

PromoterMasnou Town Council