Town hall

Castellví de la Marca

Project description

The propose is a compact building formed by a rectangular volume two storeys high.

The building has a central courtyard space, which acts as an element of relationship between all areas of the City Council. This space is where the communication staircase between the two floors is arranged.

The building is resolved with a sloping roof on a slope, opening the building onto the square, corresponding to the northeast orientation, which is the main facade of the City Hall. This roof has a hollow in one of the façade corners, the one that opens onto the square, in order to give light to the central courtyard.


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Data sheet

Project dateMarch 2020

Completion dateApril 2023

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJordi Claramunt

Structure calculationJordi Payola Arquitectura i Enginyeria

Services calculationSanti Marés

PromoterDiputació de Barcelona / Ajuntament de Castellví de la Marca

Area502,55 m2

BudgetFASE 1: 416.319 € / FASE 2: 419.604 €

BuilderFugencio Villar S.L.

PhotographyJudith Casas