Papiol multipurpose cultural space

El Papiol

Project description

The multipurpose room and the rest of the program are housed in a square building with a sloping roof that allows all uses to be unified in the same volume.

The entire available lot is built and patios are created that can serve as complementary outdoor spaces for the room. One of the courtyards can function at the same time as an alternative access to allow the autonomous operation of the room, while the other courtyard, the central one, would accommodate a future extension of the building.

The building opens onto the square, where the main entrances and the most public outbuildings are located, which are the lobby and the bar. Through the back facade there would be access to load the stage and direct access to the classrooms and dressing rooms.

 Competition boards

Data sheet

Project dateNovember 2020

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Competition typeOpen competition

PromoterPapiol City Council

Area1.248,50 m2