Restoration and enlargement of “El Prat” country house


Project description

Transformation of Casa del Prat in a Center of Interpretation of the history and the agricultural, forestry and livestock activity of Gaià.

Casa El Prat is a construction that was in danger of collapse due to its state of abandonment and budgetary problems, so that rehabilitation is being done in phases.

In a 1st Phase, the structure has been reconstructed and a volume has been enlarged where the accesses are located. The building has been structurally consolidated with the replacement of existing floors and roof by new ones made of wood.

In later phases, the facades will be rehabilitated and content to the interior space will be provided.

Data sheet

Project dateFebruary 2007

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJaume Arimany

PromoterDiputació de Barcelona / Gaià Town Council

Area839,50 m2

Budget1.809.000 €

BuilderConstruccions Beravi