10 housing units in Guimerà street


Project description

The building consists of a basement, ground floor, four floors and a flat accessible roof, with a total of 13 parking spaces, 4 premises and 10 housing units.

There is an inner courtyard where the vertical communications core is located, consisting of a protected staircase and a practicable elevator, and the access walkways to each of the housing units. The patio also serves to ventilate some of the spaces in the apartments and allows all flats to have cross ventilation.

Breeam | Real de La Quinta

Data sheet

Project dateMay 2020

Completion dateJune 2022

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJordi Claramunt

Structure calculationJordi Payola Arquitectura i Enginyeria

Services calculationLarix

Interior designSandra Canudas

Competition typeRestricted competition


Area2.321 m2

Budget2.048.000 €

BuilderCots i Claret

PhotographyTanit Plana

Awards1st prize in restricted competition