It is to design buildings incorporating architectural and construction criteria in order to achieve maximum inside comfort for free, minimizing the contributions of conventional energy.

1.   Shape and design criteria
1a. Compact design of the building to minimize heat losses
1b. Insulation around all the building skin
1c. Favorable position respect the prevailing winds
1d. Recyclable, reusable and biodegradable materials
1e. Industrialized construction to reduce waste in the constructive

2.   Energy efficient
2a. High airtight and reduction of thermal bridges 
2b. Preheating and pre-cooling of air through geothermal
2c. Flexible solar protection depending on the incidence of the sun
2d. Use of solar energy
2e. Natural cross ventilation

3.   Efficient water management
3a. Rainwater harvesting systems
3b. Reuse of grey water for toilets
3c. Use of low water consumption equipment
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