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Swimming pool covering and new locker rooms building


Project description

The project has two main purposes: on one hand, the construction of a building of locker rooms with associated services and a canteen-restaurant area, on the other, the covering of the summer pool.

The new building is a rectangular volume, with a metal façade and inclined roof with one slope, located tangent to the existing pools.

The access works through a large exterior lobby where all the accesses to the different areas of the sports centre are centralized.


Data sheet

Project date2017

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Technical architectJordi Claramunt

Structure calculationCarmela Torró / Oriol Palou

Services calculationLarix

PromoterMasquefa Town Council

Area1.884'11 m2

Budget2.935.571 €

BuilderConstructora del Cardoner