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Public elevator to improve the ” La Rampinya” district accessibility


Project description

Construction of a public elevator to provide accessibility to the slope of 17m between the Rampinya district, from Concepció Street, and the level of the road that leads to the centre of the town.

It is a panoramic elevator formed by a glass box that moves between two metal structures.

Concepción Street is also urbanized by replacing the existing pavement for a single platform with asphalt pavement in the central part and concrete slabs on the sides. The street finishes in a cantilevered panoramic terrace, which is the point of arrival of the elevator.

  Competition boards

Data sheet

Project date2017

Architect/sPere Santamaria

Structure calculationCarmela Torró

PromoterSallent Town Council

Area117,50 m2

Budget322.076,60 €

Awards1st prize in restricted competition